Female infertility


Female infertility refers to a clear reason for infertility of the couple, typical of the female body. This includes e.g. hormonal causes, anatomical causes, but also age.

Examples are hormonal disorders that prevent you from ovulating (PCO, hypo-hypo,...) or obtructed fallopian tubes.

It is important to realize the reduced chances to a healthy liveborn baby with increasing age of the female partner. Some other factors that you can control yourself might also be of importance (smoking, alcohol, low of high body weight).

For example, quitting smoking can positively affect your fertility (from almost halved back to normal). And also a normal body weight (BMI 19-25) gives better chances of pregnancy than a too low or too high BMI.

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The information above regarding fertility is general and may not apply to you. Every patient is different, so please make an appointment for individual advice.